3 Reasons Why Ice Cream Workshops Should Be Your Next Family Bonding Activity

3 Reasons Why Ice Cream Workshops Should Be Your Next Family Bonding Activity

Running out of hobbies for your family to try? It may seem like you’ve already gone over every item in the list of family bonding ideas, but we bet not this one!

If you’re looking for something cool — literally cool — to bond over with your family this coming weekend, sign up for ice cream workshops! Here are three good reasons why you should consider it for your next family bonding:

You get to spend quality time with the family.

Been spending most of your days in front of the laptop lately? It’s your chance to make it up to your kids and hubby! Sharing such activity builds stronger emotional ties within the family and helps boost children’s confidence and self-esteem

You’ll learn something new together.

Sure, movie nights and art sessions can be fun, but don’t you think it’s time to give the family something more exciting? With ice cream workshops, parents and children won't just get to learn how to make ice cream by hand, everyone also gets a free taste of the final product!

You'll all get to try the best ice cream out there.

Fight us on this, but handmade ice cream is the best kind of ice cream there is! Unlike soft serve and machine-churned ice cream, handmade ice cream is manually produced out of real and premium quality ingredients, giving it that desirable creamy texture, dense content, and intense authentic flavour.

Give your family something to look forward to.

Scoopz offers enrichment workshops about ice cream making for their customers of all ages! Our experienced staff gladly guides every participant through facilitating the entire process and teaching them how to customise their own flavour using the house’s own method. It could also be a great reunion activity with friends! Best of all, the customers get to choose their location. 


Prices start from:

Children (12 and below): $28/person

Youth (13 to 16 year old): $38/person

Adult: $68/person


Minimum of 10 persons. Get discounts when you invite more people!


For enquiries, e-mail us at contact@scoopz.com.sg or send us a message on WhatsApp: +(65) 96666956

Visit our website at www.scoopz.com.sg for more information about us.

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