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With our lower-in-sugar, you can now enjoy all the goodness of ice cream with none of the guilt!


Indulge in a Scoopz without the guilt. 
Lower in Sugar | Higher in Fibre | Naturally Fat-Free

No Added Sugar Same full-bodied flavour with Higher in Fibre Each Scoopz has enough fibre

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2303-Icecream banner.png

Denise Tan, Facebook Review

One of my favourite ice cream shop ever since 2013!! I love their MSW ice cream, it has a perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness. Besides the ice creams, their pastries series, cookies4u also has a great selections and taste great! Another thing I like about their products is that most of their products are made using reduced sugar and low fats. Do keep a look out for their moon cake series as well! They offer unique mooncake flavours and all of them taste just as good too!

In addition the delivery was fast and the ordering was fuss free! Do support!

Eva Gan, Google Review

Love love love the cookies by Scoopz !
The Heavenly Dark Chocolate is our family fav, not too sweet, just perfect to go with my tea . Other notable cookies by them : Golden Pineapples and Golden Pebbles ,- it’s fresh, yummy and perfectly sized so you’ll want more 😂

Toh Yi Fan, Facebook Review

Really love their MAO SHAN WANG ice cream!! Can taste the durian pieces in the ice cream and have the fragrant durian taste. The texture of the ice cream is really smooth and consistent. Most important personally is the sweetness, it is just nice!! Definitely will satify the crave for MSW durian anytime when needed!

Tried the dark chocolate cookies, golden pebbles and pineapple tarts. i LOVEEEEEE the dark chocolate cookies the most! Not sweet and you can tell that good quality ingredients go in there. The golden pebbles are also very addictive! you can't stop once you start!!! Definitely would recommend it to my friends and family!

Vivia Chua, Facebook Review

was recommended to Scoopz by a friend, and is definitely one good recommendation.

the Mao shan wang ice cream was gooooodddddd !!! ~ you can see the pulps of the durian. I lik how its not too sweet and yet flavourful.

Their soursop and grape(always out of stock)are good as well.

Have tried their cookies too! Strongly recommend golden pebble and ahma almond. Melt in the mouth texture!

Highly recommend the Msw ice cream!

Have tasted their handcrafted ice cream before and was surprised that they produce cookies as well! These yummy goodness were rich in flavour and not too sweet. Highly reccomending the dark chocolate which is the family's favourite!

Stephanie Teo, Google Review

YT Teo, Google Review


Enjoy decadent and rich ice cream in your favourite local flavours without the guilt.


Chewy, indulgent and dreamy cookies in traditional and modern flavours — just a click away. 


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About Us


Like most successful businesses, our story begins with passion. A love for deliciously rich handcrafted ice cream combined with the desire to share it with the world.


Since 1996, we’ve been working hard to provide the highest quality flavours to all ice cream lovers with ice cream that is made with fresh ingredients, no additives, flavourings or preservatives. Ice cream that can be enjoyed by everyone — regardless of dietary restrictions or flavour preferences. 

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