3 Reasons Why Fruity Ice Creams Are The Best

3 Reasons Why Fruity Ice Creams Are The Best

The hot and dry season is upon us once again, which means it’s time for ice cream and fruits. Can’t decide between the two? With fruity ice cream, you don’t have to choose! 

No matter what summer trends are bound to arise, fruity ice creams will always remain superior. Here are three reasons why fruity ice creams deserve the hype:

They’re Loaded with Nutrients

Whoever said ice cream is purely unhealthy must not have heard of fruity ice cream. Did you know that this yummy treat is packed with phosphorus and calcium that keep your bones and teeth healthy? Natural fruit ice cream gives even more nutrients like vitamin C with its added real fruit bits! 

They Cool Down Your Body on a Hot Day

There’s just no escaping Singapore’s scorching climate. Thankfully, we have fruity ice cream to tone it down! Nothing beats that cold sensation and refreshingly tangy flavour as you gorge down a mouthful!

They’re Just Irresistibly Delicious!

Fruits and ice cream in one delectable delight— what more can you ask for? There’s even a variety of flavours to choose from. Whether you’re having it for dessert or an afternoon snack, you’re surely in for a good time!

Reward yourself with a cup or two of fruity ice cream today!

Too lazy to go out and brave the heat? Scoopz has got you covered! Now you can enjoy our fresh, handmade ice cream at the comfort of your own home! Just select from our wide range of signature fruity flavours and you’ll receive the same rich goodness that’s easy on the palate yet affordably priced.

With our tropical classics such as peach and mango, and local favourites like durian and cempedak, we’ll make sure your cravings are satisfied!

Skipping dairy and sugar? We also offer eggless and sugar-free options!

Visit www.scoopz.com.sg to place your order.

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