Best Tea And Cookie Pairings

Best Tea And Cookie Pairings

There are some things in this world that just go better together. Cookies and tea time are such a pairing, and with Cookies 4 U’s range of flavours, you can have many combinations to choose from. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Golden Pebble + English Breakfast

The rich buttery taste of our famous Golden Pebble cookies makes for a perfect foil for the warm fruity tones of the English breakfast tea. Our Golden Pebble cookies have a signature sugee-like texture that melts in your mouth, and pairing it with the full-bodied blend and creamy texture of the classic English breakfast tea makes for the perfect after-meal palate cleanser.

Ah Ma Almond + Jasmine

The lightness of our Ah Ma Almond cookies deserves something equally as delicate. With the fruity floral notes of a well-brewed Jasmine tea, this bestseller’s nutty flavours are highlighted for a delicate mid-morning or early evening snack.

Pineapple Tart + Teh Tarik

For a quintessential Singaporean tea time, pair our deliciously sour-sweet pineapple tarts with Teh Tarik. The creamy taste of the condensed milk in the Ceylonese-based tea plays out beautifully with the tartness of the pineapple and together, they provide refreshing snacks even on a hot day.

Heavenly Dark Chocolate + Earl Grey

The level of sophistication in this pairing is off the roof. A bite of Cookies 4 U’s Heavenly Dark Chocolate becomes even more divine with the smooth blend of Earl Grey tea. This is the kind of pairing that has you sticking out your pinky finger in cultured elegance while sipping your tea from a dainty cup.

Low Sugar Almond + Green Tea

If you’re enjoying the nutty taste of the Low Sugar Almond cookie, you might as well reap the full benefits of the healthy option with a cup of Green Tea. Green tea is famous for helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes, so enjoying one with your cookie makes for a healthy snacking habit.

Brown Rice Cookie + Lapsang Souchong

Our Brown Rice Cookie is made for those with bolder taste buds, and pairing it with the smoky earthiness of Lapsang Souchong is for the adventurous palate. The crunchy, slightly burnt fragrance of the cookie brilliantly plays out with the signature smokiness of the tea, making it a perfect option for those looking for a strongly flavoured snack.

Chocolate Surprise + Masala Chai

Our sweet Chocolate Surprise cookie perfectly rounds out the spiciness of a Masala Chai, creating a balanced setup on your tongue. With the smoothness of milk chocolate in a crunchy cookie, Chocolate Surprise complements the aromas of the Masala and makes a tapestry of flavours that bring you on an adventure.

Macadamia + Oolong

Bring out the rich, buttery, and creamy notes of macadamia nuts with a gentler choice in tea. Oolong is versatile enough to match the flavours of the nuts, but is aromatic enough to stand on its own. Match your medium roasted oolong with the crunchy texture of the macadamia nut cookies for an after-dinner wind-down.

When it comes to the best cookies, Cookies 4 U is one of Singapore’s favourites! Shop for your favourite flavours today at!

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