How to Find the Best Ice Cream

How to Find the Best Ice Cream

What makes a great ice cream? This question has baffled many an ice cream aficionado. Many will say its a unique flavour, or a range of flavours — but great ice cream is not a question of flavour options; rather, it is the sensations and experience that only a great quality ice cream can give.

Ice cream as a dessert has always been a simple wonder. Simple because it only takes some form of fat, water and sweetener to make a basic ice cream, and a wonder because despite its simplicity, it takes skill and a whole lot of practice to perfect the melding of these ingredients to become the heavenly experience of great-tasting ice cream. In our 20 years of making ice-cream at Scoopz, we've come to realise that the best ice cream has to embody three criteria — being handcrafted, created with all-natural ingredients and made with love.

Handcrafted Is Better

Ever noticed how handcrafted ice cream tends to be creamier and takes a longer time to melt? This is because handcrafted ice cream incorporates less air into the ice cream batter, ensuring that your cone is full of actual ice cream goodness, not pockets of air. Many commercial and machine-processed ice cream whip in too much air into their ice cream products, making it more of a ‘frozen dairy dessert’ that melts quickly and makes you feel bloated after eating it. With handcrafted ice cream, the air mixed into the batter is more controlled, keeping it thicker longer and the flavour fuller. 

All-Natural Ingredients

Great ice cream can only be made when your raw materials are great to begin with. Scoopz uses only premium all-natural ingredients, which means we know exactly what’s going into our recipes. We trust our recipe to yield consistently high-quality products because we had a hand in the peeling, chopping, grinding, blending and baking of our ingredients. Because Scoopz ice cream is made from scratch, we are able to extract the right amount of flavours that we want into our concoction, giving our customers the satisfaction of enjoying real fruits and flavouring with their vitamins and minerals intact.  

Made With Love

Consider it a bias, but the best ice cream taste and texture comes from being made with love, something that no machine can ever replicate. Homemade ice cream is more flavourful, with a full-bodied taste and texture that is sadly missing from other commercial ice cream brands. Homemade ice cream means that the ice cream maker has put in love and care into their product, from its ingredients to its process. 

For the best ice cream, handmade still reigns supreme. Scoopz has proven this, as Singapore’s favourite handcrafted ice cream brand for more than two decades. Thanks to the loving care put in our traditional and unprocessed ice cream-making method and the adamant refusal to succumb to the use of preservatives, we have perfected the full-bodied flavour and texture of ice cream that you just can’t resist. 

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