Unique Ice Cream Flavors that can ONLY be Found in Singapore

Unique Ice Cream Flavors that can ONLY be Found in Singapore

We can all feel that it’s getting hotter everyday. Outside, the sun feels like a blanket that just came right out of the dryer; inside, even the air conditioner can sometimes feel not cold enough. It’s time like this you would want to go have an outing and feel refreshed. Because of the pandemic, we’re still experiencing restrictions in travelling and exploring new places. Still, having these restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experiences available for you right here.

At times like this, refreshments and cold snacks will help you through the day. You can never go wrong with beating the heat by eating cold delicious ice cream. There are just too many flavours to choose from, but make the experience more savoury by eating unique ice cream flavours that can only be found here in Singapore.

Mao Shan Wang

The Mao Shan Wang is one of the most popular durians amongst us locals. It has a distinct combination of bitter and sweet that can come off as a pleasant “surprise for the taste buds”. Drawn by its unique taste, we take advantage of its peak harvest season for the tastiest state. Scoopz takes its flavour to another level by turning it into cold ice cream we can enjoy during a blazing hot day. Let the bittersweet flavours bring a refreshing feeling we desperately crave for.


Also known as a Guanabana, this fruit has a flavour that lies between papaya and pineapple. For most people, its hook is in the aftertaste - when its flavours intensifies and becomes creamy as it slides down your throat with its sweet and sour taste. When it's served as an ice cream, it becomes a chilly zesty feeling that we want to keep eating.


Sweet, soft, and exotic - the flavours of the Cempedak fruit dynamically dance with the cool and milky flavours of handcrafted ice cream. On sluggish days, a bite can bring a feeling of freshness to lift up your mood. Despite being called an “ugly cousin” of the jackfruit, the taste is its own level of beauty for the palate. 


Once you become a fan of sweet black coffee, there really is no stopping to your cravings. The satisfaction is unparalleled for Kopi-O handcrafted ice cream; it may not be the same paired with kaya toast for breakfast, but it surely is a great dessert and snack any day. This caffeine infused ice cream is more popular among teens and adults.

Unique flavours that Singaporeans love

As a brand that’s 25 years in Singapore, we have created unique flavours for our handcrafted ice cream that we know Singaporeans love. Whether as a local or a tourist, these flavours are a must-have to further enjoy your experience in the country.

Physical explorations may be limited for now, but at least your palate can experience authentic flavours that can only be found in handcrafted ice cream made from locally sourced ingredients.

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