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Precious Gift Set

Precious Gift Set

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Featuring four of our best-selling low sugar mooncakes. 

This set includes:

  • 1 x Pure White Lotus Double Yolk
    Traditional double yolk white lotus mooncake for those who prefers to stick with traditions

  • 1 x Lava Black Sesame Mooncake 
    Combining two traditional desserts, this mooncake will take you on a trip down memory lane - featuring black sesame paste with oozing lava sesame.

  • 1 x Lava Chocolate Mooncake 
    A classic blend of chocolate and white lotus. Indulge in an extraordinary experience with chocolate lava seeping through.

  • 1  x Golden Pandan 
    Melty buttery crust filled with nostalgic pandan paste, complemented with golden salted egg.


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